Get your pavers/driveway , where teamwork lies.

It so happened that we got into a crisis at work. The only thing that could save us that time was an increase in sales. We tried reshuffeling all the strategies, even created new ones but our goal could not be reached.

We were left with one solid thing, that is teamwork. So we decided to start over again afresh, started creating strategies, this time stronger because the whole team had brain-stormed over it. But there is one guy in our team who used to lead us mostly during meditation before work , that guy said something that made so much sense to me, “Every-one when they are born start learning everything afresh”. 

You start learning how to talk, how to walk, how to smile how to do literaly everything and that is only possible because when a baby takes the first step she’s applauded thus giving her motivation to walk gain , to even run.

When you’re older no one applauds for you, if you fall you gonna have to rise on your own. If you succeed in a certain stage no one applauds you as well but rather people will say you could have done better, so when we learnt about all this we as a teamwork motivated each other, applauded ourselves and guess what all the strategies working out  and we brainstormed and the unbelievable happened.

So never discourage the power of team work.

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